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Every parent has a similar dream when it comes to their child's future, and that is to provide a better one for their offspring than they had for themselves. Today's educational world is highly competitive with more students than ever going to university, and these changing times call for increasing measures to be taken to ensure your child's success. But of course it's not all just about academics; children thrive in an environment which is creative and stimulating, and thinking outside the box is becoming more the norm in today's adult world.
Children of Jewish decent are in a unique position in Canada - being a minority and viewing the world in a light more indicative of their faith than many other cultures. It is for these students that specialized private Hebrew day schools have been created, which combine an academically educational nature with programs which ingrain religious teachings and a perspective on how to incorporate the faith into daily life.
How to Choose the Best Hebrew Day School
Your child's education is the most important gift you give them and as such it's important to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, and what a school can provide. Some possible issues to consider are:
Academic Standing – The children who grow up to be the most successful are those who have a strong educational background. Be sure to check out the school's credentials online, and contact the facility directly with related questions.
Program Diversity – Although Hebrew day schools heavily incorporate religious studies into their education, quality facilities know that a well-rounded child will be more successful than one who is kept in strict academics. Many Hebrew day schools understand the importance of artistic studies, providing classes in painting, music, and historical art appreciation even for students of a young age.
Location – For many families this is a primary factor when choosing the best Hebrew day school for their child. It is difficult for a lot of working parents to drive their child to school in the morning, and the bus is not always a comfortable alternative. Living close to the school allows the child to freely walk back and forth between their home and educational institute, and can facilitate the students being able to participate in afterschool programs they may have missed out on should they require a ride home. The other, and perhaps most important benefit of location is that many Hebrew day schools are situated in the midst of Jewish communities, meaning that young students do not have to leave their neighbourhoods to go to school can have their cultural studies positively re-enforced as they interact with other people with similar values.
There are a lot of distractions which are competing for your child's attention which may influence their future plans - but there are solutions. Contact a local Hebrew school today and find out how their excellent educational standards, strong sense of cultural identity, and welcoming environment can set your child up for a lifetime of success!
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Jewish Day School?

Bathurst Campus
1700 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658
F: 416.787.9632
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
P: 416.781.5658,   F: 416.787.9632